Sunday, January 6, 2013


The pinnacle of all stops on our summer tour  - Amsterdam! Right back where we started from, exactly 5 years to the day later from when I arrived the first time! 2 very happy chicas!

Back to canals and Dutch people, flower markets and art galore. Cheese and falafel and Febo, fashion and bikes and Albert Heijn’s. And Heinekens and coffee shops too, of course! On the train from the airport to Centraal Station we were as giddy as kids all hopped up on goof balls… a beautiful blue sky day in the city we’d been away from for so long. Felt just like home!

Met up with Elisa’s friends from Berlin, Julia & Natascha, who were also there for the weekend. Set out walking, the streets familiarity came flooding back, so many great memories in this city! Found a nice spot and lazed along a canal, soaking up some rare Amsterdam sunshine!

Followed by a nice snooze in Vondel Park - the life!

For our first night back we arranged to stay with Manon, my friend who was my “buddy” when I first came to InHolland, assigned through the school. 5 years ago she met me at the airport and took me to the dorms, showed me around and continued to be so sweet and helpful throughout the semester. Years later while she was traveling in Thailand we were able to meet once again! Now, during another “first night” in Amsterdam, she took me under her wing and we stayed with her – what a sweetie! Went to an outdoor film festival, drank some wine, so great to be back!

The 24th is Ritchie’s birthday, so we conserved our energy for the big night ahead. Met him and his friends and brother at good ol’ Winston’s, where we’d spent many a nights during our exchange. Was surreal to see his goofy ass at first, every time I looked over and saw him there it made me smile so big! From Amsterdam to Thailand and Burma and now back full circle.

Couple days of rain, standard really. Finally braved it and went out wandering with the boys, back to one of my favorite streets in the city, the Haarlemerstraat, and eventually to the Rembrandtplein to wait out some heavy down pours with some wine.


We’d heard of a parade/carnival thing going on around the Amstel area so made our muddy way over. 5 euros to get in, what a bankrupt circus that turned out to be. Nothing open except the stands selling beer and a tent with people playing kids music. Decided to make the best of it!

The lovely and talented Camelia Sabeva happened to have a layover in Amsterdam at the end of her month in Europe, so we slammed coffee, talked rapidly and hugged profusely – love this girl!

Then came the moment….the best moment ever….the arrival of Douglas! 6 months of backpacking around South America with this crazy guy, and finally to be back in one of the world’s best cities together again. Ooooopa!

2 of my favorite guys in the world!

More city strollin’, reminiscing, dancing, drinking

End of the show. Many thanks to amazing Amsterdam for an epic reunion!

"There's a part of me that thinks perhaps we go on existing in a place even after we've left it." - Colum McCann


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