Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oktoberfest: Munich

What can I really say about Oktoberfest? There's one thing that goes on and you know what that is. 

Munich is a charming city though, went there to stay with Denise and Phillip, who were so kind enough to give us a warm welcome with a place to stay, a home cooked meal and some wine! Great way to start off a weekend of drinking.

sunny fall day

Marine Platz

Spent the day walking and dirndl shopping, but found a little time to squeeze in going over to the Oktoberfest on that first day. Elisa used to work in Munich so we went her company's table for a beer - can't believe these tables reserve a year in advance! You can't get a beer unless you have a place to "sit", so we were in luck.

Was also surprised by how family oriented the festival grounds were, so many kids rides and booths everywhere. Massive beer tents, huge roller coasters, families, drinks - quite the festivities! 

inside a tent

Starting off Day 2 right - with a proper German Oktoberfest breakfast!

The main event - Elisa and I trained for 2 months for this! 
*last time my "real" sunglasses were ever seen*

Day drinking at its finest

just as the Cardinals made the playoffs! PROST!

from day drinking to night drinking

another feast

My old friend from SMU in Singapore, Mr. Thomas Mack!

What an incredible way to end two months of travel in Europe! 
So blessed to have such great friends and now such incredible memories. 
Was very hard to say goodbye to this blondie - guess I'll just have to meet her again soon rather than later! 

Summer 2012

"Ich sitze hier und trinke mein gutes Wittenbergisch Bier und das Reich Gottes kommt von ganz alleine.

Translation: I sit here and drink my good Wittenberg Beer, and the Kingdom of the God comes all by itself." - Martin Luther


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