Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pag Town and Novalja, Pag Island - Croatia

Caught a bus from Pula to Riejka, to connect us to Pag. A per usual the last times we’d been in transit, the ride was as pretty as a picture.

And as per usual too, Elisa was one of the cool kids holdin’ it down in the back of the bus

We arrived to Riejka to find out there were no more buses to Pag that day, only to Zadar. Just like in Pesaro, we were told the schedule changes completely after summer season. If once there were 5 buses a day, now there were only a few a week! We had no choice so went past Pag to Zadar, where we found out there were no more buses back to Pag that night once we arrived. Classic. Split a taxi with 2 guys from Wales and made it to Pag Town late in the evening. Met Benjamin, the guy we had arranged to rent an apartment from through Home Away. The price was $150 for 4 days and apparently included getting drunk the first night too, cause that’s what we did, sitting in front of the place chit chatting over beer and a local grape based liquor.

our place

Morning breakfast  - that travel French press sure has come in handy!

Rented a scooter, did a run to the grocery store to stock up, then set off to enjoy the island

Pag town itself is cute and cozy – not a whole lot going on, but was nice to have some peace and quiet after a raging weekend of music. The landscape is bizarre, there are mountains/hills everywhere, but it’s all really dry and rocky, making it seem like you are on the Moon.

Cruised around until we came upon a nice beach…. to say the least!

Santa Maria

Life is SO good! Very blessed to be in such a spectacular place with one of my favorite people in the world!

Beautiful summer (wait….no it’s not summer anymore, apparently) night

Malvasia wine is famous in this area, bottle for 70 kuna (just under 10 euros). Fresh fish and sea food risotto, yum!

Went to a “club”, Disco Magazine, where we were the only 4 people inside. “Not summer”!

Bit of exploring around Pag

Had a couple days of whipping wind and downpour rain. (Ok, maybe it really isn’t summer). Ate a lot, read a lot, drank a lot, talked a lot, wrote a lot.

Our standard travel meal: lentils, veggies, garlic, spices. Meat for Ms. Schlodder.

Made a move from Pag Town to Novalija, the “Ibiza of Croatia”. The party place of the party island of the country. Surely the “it’s not summer” rules won’t apply here. Elisa’s friend, Sean, owns a hostel in Novalija called The Big Yellow House, and it happens to be the best place for backpackers to stay. He’s a super nice and accommodating guy, made us feel so welcome right off the bat!

first meal in Novalja, seafood pizza! squid drowning in cheese!

view in front of hostel

so many great sunsets during our stay in Novalja!

a very quiet day at Zrec, the main party beach

from the beach in front of the Big Yellow House, with a view toward the town

Despite some rainy days tossed in there, really enjoyed the time in Novalja and could see how it would be an amazing place to be during the summer months as well! Big thanks to Big Yellow House, you're the best, great times! 

from the bus heading from Novalja to Zadar

Time to fly.... Zadar > Zagreb > Vienna > Berlin!

"Though we travel the World over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


SMSFree2010 said...

Wow your pics are great! Will you be back in 2013. A lot of great events at zrce beach were just published. Check this

Nicole Boyer said...

wow nice! that would be amazing to be there, i bet it's a PARTY during the right season! :)

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