Wednesday, January 9, 2013

la dolce vita - the good life: Rome

Arrived to Rome on a rainy Sunday.Who cares, it’s ROME! So steeped in history, culture, food and sites, it’s hard not to be excited about this ancient city. Plus, we were greeted by one of the most smiley faces of Kiezel – Fabio! Everyone’s favorite Italian in Amsterdam was now going to be our host for our time in Rome… we sure are lucky girls! Most important things first: hugs, pizza, wine.

Woke up to a gorgeous day for exploring – view from Fabio’s bathroom

Elisa & I set out, first metro stop: Colosseum. When you walk above ground this is the first thing you see directly in front of you….impressive! It always feels so rewarding to see something right in front of you that you’ve seen in pictures so many times before.

On the stroll towards to city center

Ministry of Heritage and Culture

And then I heard something like “Excuse me miss, do you come here often?” and there she was… my soul sister, Veronika D’Anna! We studied together in Singapore and traveled together to the Philippines, but my love has extended well beyond that for this chick. I also don’t think I’ve met someone as in love with their city as she is with Rome, so not only was it incredible to see her, but even more surreal to be walking around her beloved city with her!

While casually strolling and walking we reached The Pantheon

And then the charming and gorgeous Piazza Navona shortly after

Oh, happy day!

The fountain, made by the famous Bernini, is said to have this figure turning away from the church facade because it was created by his (Bernini's) rival, Borromini

More walkin’, talkin’ and espresso drinkin’

Yeah, it was as good as it looks. Potato with truffle sauce, bacon and cream with pumpkin sauce, fresh veggie with even fresher cheese.

After all that indulgence who couldn’t use a little purging….no better place to let your guilt be felt and then removed than Vatican City.

St. Peter’s

Such a short but sweet time with Miss Vero! She moved to Brussels the following morning, so glad we caught her just in the nick of time! All my love!

Elisa and I continued walking… and walking and walking and walking and walking. So much art, so many sculptures. All the shops selling delicious olive oils, balsamics, wines and kitchen accessories almost made me want to settle down and get a place to live of my own. Almost.

Loved this funky little shop!

If your gelato addiction has gotten to the point where you’re not satisfied with the normal amount of choices, head directly to a Della Palm, where there are hundreds to choose from!

One of the most famous, and most stunning, fountains in the world - the Trevi Fountain. If you throw a coin in, you are sure to come back to Rome. 3,000 euros worth of coins go in each day!

She's coming back for sure

Plaza Espana

Met back up with Fabio just in time for a perfect sunset over the city from the Orange Garden

A most unique view of St. Peter's from the keyhole of Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta

The three of us, plus Fabio's friend Francesco, headed over to Trastevere for dinner and drinks. Great place for night life, bars and restaurants everywhere. 

Anna-Maria was able to join us as well, we met in Uruguay, another South American reunion in Europe!

that's amore!

Another day of site seeing at the Galleria Borghese art gallery

Pictures weren't permitted, so these 2 aren't mine, but the most striking thing inside is the life size Apollo and Daphne sculpture by Bernini. So detailed and with so much history behind it, very moving!

Fabio's very kind mother cooked us some delicious meals while we were there, including crepes for breakfast, pastas with tomatos from the garden, fresh eggplant and delicious salads with olive oil and balsamic. A surprisingly amazing lemon pasta as well (with grated lemon rinds), yum! Fresh peaches and wine from a family winery. But the topper was the home made tiramisu.... I went to look back in my journal to see what I had written about it that day it was this "good, sweet, baby Jesus, it was off the charts!" 

Such a special time in Rome, a city I will surely visit again (I didn't threw that coin into the Trevi Fountain for nothing, not on this budget!) Many thanks to Fabio and his family, Veronika and Anna-Maria for making it such an unforgettable time!

"I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the World was on my side." - Roman Payne


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